Environment for Future Generations.

Environment for Future Generations.

Trees, Animals, Birds, Mountains, Rivers, Winds, and Earth all are classified as environment. But why is the environmental significance to our life? Because no matter how high the person progresses, no matter how high we are, we all are also part of this ecosystem. And we are a part that is capable of protecting the environment and also to destroy it. But the unfortunate thing is that many of us are unaware of knowing about protecting the environment. But remember one thing that we are also part of the same environment, and apart from the environment, we gradually destroy ourselves without knowing it.

Why do we live in the world? Why not on other planets? This is because all planets in our solar system are the only living environment on Earth. What solar cells are all around us, all the planets in our knowledge are the only environment on earth. For many years many scientists are researching, but no one has ever been able to find a planet that can inhabit it. Think deeply when you shift to a new house and you come across with water supply, electricity problems we can simply call our landlord and solve the issue with him or if you have owned and shifted to a new house facing water supply and electricity problem can be solve by calling an electrician or a concerned person from the water department, but if our natural resources run out or are disturbed can we go to another planet? No that is why we should take care of our environment. The environment here needs to be settled. Otherwise you will make big disasters for your next generation to come, for which the generation will never forgive you.

A more about Environment for Future Generations.

Before modern technology came, people lived a very simple life. There was not much greed or excessive greed. But as mankind progressed, man started to compete with others. In the name of progress, the environment started to dwindle. Large roads were built, huge construction was constructed, airports, buildings, companies were build all in the name of progress, but do keep in mind that all these progress comes for a cost by cutting down trees and capturing forest areas for development. The biggest reason humans spoil the ecological balance is the reason the way we are living today, the resources that are endowed with the resources of the world are fast becoming the beginning of a major crisis in the future. It can be understood by seeing the news that this crisis has started. Decreased water level, irregularities of rainfall, increasing drought, frequent storms are the result of all ecosystems. Animals have been threatened by wild animals due to deforestation. In recent decades, many animal species have become rare or destroyed. Tiger and elephants are also been destroyed by mankind and their numbers are decreasing day by day. There are several campaigns running around in the name of Save Tiger. Some countries are even protecting tigers in the forests and not in a zoo.

How Pollution is affecting Environment for Future Generations.

Pollution is a major threat to the environment and this pollution is done only by humans and on a large scale. Despite knowing the effects of pollution, we do not take any concrete steps to reduce the pollution. Factories are increasing in order to meet growing population needs. These factories release many types of unsafe gas in the air, which is increasing day by day air pollution. Bigger and faster growing economic countries contribute to more pollution as these countries have a large amount of factories where millions of workers are working and these factories help environment to be polluted. For eg China, India and Brazil are the fastest growing economies, these three countries countribue 70% of environment pollution of the world. If you stand on the terrace and look a far away, you may see the distant buildings or the hills in a very dense, but if you look away from a village, the distant hills can also be seen clearly. From this, you can understand how much air pollution is in the city. The fact that the factories do not only pollute the air, but they do water pollution very large, so that the water in the rivers and shore beaches of the city looks black and is not visible. Pollution are not only done by factories but also by ordinary people like you and me. Nowadays, many people travel by trains. Some people have more than one car. Trains are used to move a small distance. Due to excess use of cars there is a chance to increase pollution but not only valuable resources like petrol, diesel.

Protecting the Environment

All should work together to save the environment. Because you are totally dependent on environment. The easiest solution is to stop the trees and plant more trees. Planting trees will help to reduce pollution and reduce environmental degradation. Cities should also be kept in place for planting trees and with the help of school students they should be encouraged to plant trees. This will keep the upcoming generation aware about the environment. It should also focus on reducing the pollution caused by vehicles. If you want to go a little distance, you should walk on foot or use a bicycle. You should travel by bus and train wherever possible, reducing pollution. Pollution related work should also be done on factories and suitable alternate routes should be provided. When each and every country realised the importance of environment, then our planet earth will be fully nourished and cherished by trees.

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