How Do Children Learn?

How Do Children Learn?

All parents feel that their children’s should learn and grow. Especially in India Parents are more concerned for the career of their children’s. Parents can do their best to get a good school for children not to miss their education. But the most extraordinary fun is such that parents do not think about how their children will be receiving education.

The reason is that it is very easy to send children to school for what they want to learn. There is such an understanding in India that if you learn you can earn, the more you learn the more you learn. That is why parents have a tendency to send children to school as soon as possible. But now education system is changing and more parents are opting for higher studies in United States, Australia and Canada.

There is a trademark in India that parents do tutor their children’s, but not with proper way with which the kid is interested. Mostly there is a lot of stuff for a mom in the house like daily house work and cleaning house etc. So when a mom is eager to study with her child she shouts, screams, beat’s and the child is forced to learn according to mom. In this way the kid fears from the mom and does not like to study with his mom and he moves on to his father. The father is a tired person returned from his office and is not interested in taking studies of the kid. Even if the father is interested in studying with the kid he is thinking of his official work, Monthly EMI’s, Children Fees, Tution Fees, etc. In this way the kid is moved to a tutor at his nearby location.

There has been a lot of research on how the process of child-born education is carried out recently. The learning organ is the brain. That is why education should be done not only for parental margins, but also for those brain drains. However, you have to give up your traditional beliefs. Firstly, let’s agree that they want to know their motto, their pace. Without knowing it, we continue to follow them and write it down. In this way, disadvantage is generated in child’s mind.

Parents should treat their children as a friend while studying. The best part is do not shout at your kid if he is not understanding any points, clear him softly and gently about what is the answer and how he should remember the answer, show him some unique styles for learning, nowadays there are lot of techniques available for learning and teaching children. You can also create your own style of learning for your kid according to his behaviour in which way he can understands. Do not play with your smart phone when you are with your kid for studies. The kid gets distracted whenever a smart phone is nearby. Basically the environment should be quiet and if your other team members are working, please let them know that your kid is studying, there should be a daily routine for study time.

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