IMPORTANCE OF YOGA/ WHY YOGA?/ Yoga, Is It Necessity or option?

Importance of yoga” Life of human becomes almost robotic – mentally, physically, emotionally disturbed when he is stressed or disturbed in his personal life. Every human being is running to make more and more money to fulfil his dreams, but he ignores his health in this situation and then comes to know that he has been diagnosed with High Blood Pressure, Low Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Hypertension, etc. If he had done at least 30 minutes of yoga per day in his life, he would have never been diagnosed with above conditions which are mentioned. Human body works like a machine if you do not provide necessary maintenance for a machine the machine will start create problems and therefore you have to repair or service maintenance is done and then the machine runs smoothly as earlier it was…….


Nowadays money is required for living a good life, but you cannot ignore your health for a good living. If your health is good you can make more money, but if you are diagnosed with health symptoms then the whole life you will have to follow a strict procedure to keep you health in good conditions which includes strict diets as prescribed by your family physician, timely medicines as prescribed, you will have to totally skip some of your favourite food items according to your health problems. For e.g. if you are diagnosed with High Blood Pressure you will have to totally skip sweets which is a very difficult situation as you loved sweets your whole life.


We do lot of commitments ourselves at special dates for eg if you are a chain smoker your commitment will be i will skip smoking from 1st January you try too hard but after 2-3 you are stressed in your office, home, friends, college, the situation would be anywhere and suddenly you start smoking and your promises and commitments are vanished in a very quick time.


You don’t believe, but life now has become materialistic, goal-oriented,

Competitive. Everyone chasing their dreams, everyone wants money,

everyone wants to become successful. But people forget about their

health. You have to just give your daily 15 minutes to yourself.  You have to

spend that time for yoga for benefits of yoga. Then question arises how it is possible in just 15 minutes. You think you have to go for yoga training classes for that. No, you don’t need to go for training classes for yoga. Our inventions in Technology did it more easier for us. Platforms such as YouTube and

Video can help connect you to various free yoga lessons online.


What is Yoga?


Yoga words,one common definition of yoga is “union.” This union comes into play through the joining of physical poses and breathing techniques. Yoga is a group of mental, physical, and spiritual practices. Yoga is a philosophy as a well as a practical science. Today yoga has been recognised worldwide as a way of life to maintain health and fitness of body as well as mind. These are health benefits of yoga. Yoga is not about twisting the body. The United Nations has declared 21st June as the International Yoga Day.

Introduction of Yoga

Just a few minutes of practice everyday can help you ease out of worries

and stresses. We will discuss how yoga positively affects our minds. Yoga exercises for beginners. Yoga to the people. And in the Market also available “yoga book



Effects Of Yoga Or Benefits Of Yoga


1) Yoga Helps With Depression

Depression is serious health concerns that damage silently; however, a daily practice of yoga can be effective in improving this disease of depression with yoga mat. Therefore yoga for good health. According to a Harvard University article, person’s stress response regulated with the help of yoga. These are importance of yoga in our life.



2) Improves Relationships

Mindfulness is the most important aspects of yoga for health. mindfulness is all about paying heed to the emotions, thoughts, sensations, and surroundings of you in your present moment. Yoga plays a great part in helping you enjoy your present life, irrespective of any condition. therefore, it has great hand to play a great role in relationship improvement in life these are physical benefits of yoga with yoga mat.



3) Memory and Concentration Improvement

Yoga has proved that it is very useful in improving your memory and concentration.

In life, we all struggle with concentrating on our daily routine and forget some things

in rush. Yoga exercises to improve concentration, We can’t memorize some things properly and forget it. due to this, we have      to bear lot of problems. Introduction of yoga. There is a limb of yoga known as Dharana—the practice of concentration. it is widely famous because it really helps us to improve memory. it’s yoga definition and benefits


4) Lower Blood Pressure

Now-a-days Hypertension is became an extremely common health concern. Blood pressure is measure issue and it leads to heart attack. According to studies it proves that people who do yoga on a regular basis have greater drops in blood pressure. These are benefits of asanas.


5) Lower Risk Of Heart Disease

With regular yoga your heart lives very healthy and blood circulation in the body keeps good. Research also says that practice of regular yoga may lower high blood pressure, blood sugar, or cholesterol and due to this it lower the risks of heart disease. it’s yoga facts.


6)  Build Healthy Bones

Through various weight-bearing postures, yoga can strengthen bones and keep osteoporosis at bay. Due to this problem of bones will minimize. In old age problem of bones is founded at maximum rate. There are various postures—like downward and upward-facing dog—that help in strengthening the bones of arms and knees. It’s yoga body benefits. Therefore  importance  of yoga and meditation in our life


7) Positive Impact on Mood

Yoga has not only physical benefits but also has lot of emotional benefits as well. with this daily yoga practice man go’s in “ yoga nidra” with the help of it other emotional problems can be solved easily. it’s “power yoga” We all know that health-related issues can be found due to stress, but what we may

not know is that it can deeply affect our moods. Yoga has the power to release endorphins in our brains these are “feel good” chemicals that are released when a person is happy with the help of yoga and meditation, your mood swings will also naturally improve Various studies have also hinted that yoga may improve your mood in the long term as well, this is benefits of asanas. In India Ramdev baba yoga also famous. His yoga and yoga positions are well known “yoga to the people”. At patanjali yogpeeth.  


8)  Make Mentally and Psychologically Strong


Yoga exercises for beginners With the help of daily yoga practice with basic yoga exercises , you can set aside over thinking and negative, unwanted feelings. Yoga effects on body shape, Many people feels that they are carrying the load and responsibilities of entire world on their shoulders. Yoga involves concentration and is all about breathing techniques. “Stay healthy and fit” it’s yoga definition. it’s yoga slogan.


9) Attain Inner Peace


Every mankind needs peace. Everyone needs their space. Some people wants to be free from the world that is no one can disturb them in any manner. But, life is full of stresses, most of which are unwanted and can be avoided. But, how to keep calm to oneself and live happily. Then word arises for your help is yoga. Yes, yoga has these all powers which you can’t believe. Yoga teaches you to be strong at difficult times. This is a power in yoga. You can do yoga with music. Many people use yoga for weight loss also.


The most important thing that we all have in our lives is the ‘gift of life’. So, be aware of these gifts and be happy that you are alive. It is important to keep in mind that yoga is a continuous. If you complete the process of  kundalini yoga.As you involve  yourself in yoga with  routines with yoga poses , the more fruitful the benefits are Yoga, when done regularly, mental benefits of yoga, can truly open the door to peace, harmony, love, and laughter. It’s history of yoga. These types of yoga good for help.








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