Healthy Liver means Healthy Life…. Facts

Healthy Liver means Healthy Life.

The liver is a metabolic centre in the body. The digestion, dissolution, and storage of all the components of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in your diet are dependent on the functioning of the liver. The form of ‘bilirubin’ is formed in the blood’s haemoglobin metabolism. If it is more dangerous than bilirubin, it is hazardous to carry out the function of the body. If this does not work properly, then the amount of bilirubin in the blood increases and that’s what we call a Jaundice.

Some very important proteins are made in the liver. Blood album ‘albumin’ is the only protein in it. Albumin reduces when liver function fails. The body swells on the body. Therefore it is very important for Albumin to prepare and to carry out his work properly.

If you have a minor wound anywhere blood starts blowing. However in a short time the blood clot formation and stop bleeding stop automatically. Some of the functions of blocking blood vessels are ‘coagulation factors’ and most of its components are ready in the liver.

Many hormones (metabolism) depend on the good health of the liver. Also, the role of the liver is important for the kidneys to activate ‘V’ vitamin in the body. Apart from this, B-12 is stored in vitamin A. The function of liver also works in the metabolic process of drugs that take various illnesses.

Why Laboratory Checks Are Important?

Although only a small part of the liver is working, the liver retraces your work. Therefore, the loss of the liver is mild, and often it does not show any symptoms. In most patients, signs are seen only when the disease goes wrong. That is why laboratory tests are very beneficial in the case of liver disease. This test results in the diagnosis of illness on time.

Various tests of the liver

Lever Function Test – The Laboratory Testing indicates how the function of the liver is functioning. If these works have failed, then they have to find out the reasons. If there is any deficiency in the liver cells, the liver can not work properly or there may be a ‘bile duct’ fault in the ‘biliary track’, even if the cells are small.The liver disease can be reported by laboratory testing. It is possible to know the extent of the illness whether the patient is undergoing treatment. Liver Function Tests can also be understood by the effect of drugs on different ailments that affect the liver of the patient.Before transplanting the liver the patient has to undergo some laboratory tests. Also, inspections are important to understand how the body accepts new liver after transplantation. In organ transplantation the patient is given ‘immunosuppressant’ medicines. The results of those drugs and the level of medicines are also done by laboratory tests.

If diagnosis of liver disease is timely and accurate then it is possible to treat patients quickly and properly. Laboratory tests are important for reducing the intensity of liver before it develops.

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