” OBESITY ” ” overweighed ”  is caused due to excessive habits of eating junk food, oily food, fatty food, spicy food etc. It is a major health problem in India. The United States has 31% population overweighed and the Government is organizing special campaigns to prevent their future generation from obesity. Children from European countries are also obsessed with Obesity because of eating heavy junk foods with no exercise.

When obesity increases, the meat in the following areas of chin starts growing. In general, some people call it ‘Double China’ problem. There are a few ways to get rid of this problem. After this solution the beauty of the face increases. Not only this, ‘double China’ is also released from the thickness of the chin.

Nobody thinks that your face looks very attractive. But near the age of some face exercises, the beauty of the face can be more exposed. It is necessary to do some exercise regularly. Face facial circulation is good if you have facial exercises every day. Not only this, it can also get rid of the screams that fall on the face. Do the exercises for O and E tones. While exercising, we focus on the upper part of the lip and the muscles of the nose. Therefore, the skin of this area gets exercise.

Eyebrows Exercise

Make the shape of ‘V’ with your fingers. Then put both fingers on the floor. Pull the eyebrows upwards with these fingers. While doing this, it is necessary that the pressure should be dropped on the frost.

Habit of laughing

Smiling can make the face slim. While laughing, exercise should bring the face slowly to the ‘Full Smiling’ position. Strain the face muscles as much as possible.

Pull over to the forehead

Due to the pressure on the forehead, the trunks falling on it will decrease. To do this, put the bottom hand on the ibroj. After that, stretch the brow to the top for about 30 seconds. Then, with the help of Pillar, the Bhuvas should be brought to their place.

Junk Exercise

Keep the face straight. Then bring it as much as possible to the bottom of the jaw. Chanu should also be fronted. Then come back to your position again.

Tongue exercise

As much as possible can be taken out as much as possible to open the tongue. Do this exercise for about ten seconds. It has special significance in Yogabhishek.

Necklace exercises

Slowly rotate the neckline clockwise and counterclockwise four to five times. You should study this exercise unnecessarily every day.

Fish face

Exercise to have a face similar to the fish’s face. Turn both directions towards the face. Stay in such condition for about 10 seconds.

Eat chewing gum

Eating sugar free chewing gum gives exercise to facial muscles. An account comes out on the advice of a chemist who maintains the digestive tract of the body. If it is not possible, take action like bite.

The cause of the problem

The chin on the head increases due to the excessive growth of the head. Due to high elevation too, it also causes problems. The meat hanging there, even if it is used to flax under the chin.

Exercise appropriate exercises daily for face. Therefore, blood circulation of the face remains suitable. They also do the task of preventing the ticking.

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