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All about Online/Internet Earnings

Nowadays the internet is around everywhere and you can make use of the internet to make money while sitting at the comfort of your home. Everybody can make money while working on the internet. There is no such skill requirement for working on the internet. If you are an expert in any one category and you love that category let say cooking, you can write articles on cooking recipes, create short videos, share your thoughts with other, upload videos on the internet and thus you can make money while sharing your work with others, the more people read your articles or view your videos, the more you earn. There are no extra skills required, if you can handle Facebook profile and send emails, you can earn money on the internet. There are thousands of categories to work, choose one category and explore your ideas, for eg even a 10+2 HSC student can work on the internet by working as a virtual assistant and freelancer doing typing or copy paste jobs.

My opinion and experience about Online/Internet Earnings

There are a lot of fraud companies around there as these companies know that millions of people are browsing the internet in search of jobs, these companies are fraud and asks for upfront/advance money in other ways that the job searcher can be interested in. For eg these companies will trap you by sending you personal messages on your smart phone, or emails, by offering you a home based job, asking for a advance registration process to select you for the job you are interested in. These registration process can be of any type from “training materials”, Training Fees”, “Deposits”, “Software Charges”, “Training CD/DVD material”, or any other type of way in which you will be able to pay the money to these companies.

These companies post attractive advertisements in local newspapers, on job search websites like,,, and many others. These companies will not post their advertisements for asking training charges, security deposits etc. Once you call them or respond to their advertisements, they will convince you for joining and show you how can make big money while working with them, they will guide you through the process, for this process you will have to pay a minimal charges ranging from INR 500 to 100000. These companies are very good at marketing and convincing people so they are successful in their business and even today there are millions of companies on the internet with fraud.

Earnings on Youtube,facebook,twitter,surveys, filing form

safe ways to make money online

How to find legit jobs on the internet

* Look out for a company with its website
* Company with a website does not mean that the company is legit and trustable
* Website should have all details like company address, phone numbers, cell numbers, owners name, email support
* Without a phone number and address you can simply move out for other websites.
* Research for the company on the internet.
* Read reviews of customer, clients of the company
* call back and enquire about the companys working terms and conditions
* If the company is located outside of your location please dont try if you are a fresher
* Experience candidates can opt for this option while travelling away from you current location
* Do not be in a hurry to contact these companies, wait, research, read and then contact the company
* Do not pay these company any type of charges or upfront/advance money for selection process.
* If the company is located near your location please visit them directly and clear your points.
* Wait for the response of a team member from the company to contact you
* Check for how old the company is, you can check this on Google.
* If the company is new then your chance of success is very low as compared to older companies
* Older companies means they have established their presence on the internet and are working
* New companies try to struggle and they try with different marketing campaigns/strategies to gain confidence of
* If you are a fresher please don’t work with new companies
* These companies genuinely look for college students, the reason is college students are fresher and do not have the work knowledge.
* Any company asking for a single penny just skip that company
* There are even legit companies asking for money, but if you are able to pay them and work with them you can work at your own risks.

Some examples of advertisement you will find on Google if you are looking for home based jobs.

Earnings on Youtube
Earnings on Facebook
Earnings writing surveys
Email sending jobs
Typing, Copy Paste Jobs
Mobile Message sending jobs
Form filling jobs
Posting and writing articles
Rating products and writing reviews
Chatting with a customer
Again if you are not aware of online jobs, please consult any experience freelancer.

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