Preserving the Nature, Relationship With Nature.

India is considered a country of youth. So there is no doubt that the future of the country will be bright too. Then they are related to education, health, tourism or the environment. Many young people in the country are seen working for these facilities. There is a special significance in the environment such as air, water, trees, wildlife, and the environment all these are very important to them. The responsibility of maintaining that chain is on the verge of killing the same person. As a result, nature has repeatedly responded to natural calamities. In view of this, many young people take the initiative to work for the environment. They are building their movement by connecting many with their work. Some efforts will be small But by successful start, he has joined his relationship with nature.

How Pollution is affecting Environment for Future Generations

Environmentalism is not only healthy but also works to spread awareness. Many individuals are producing a short film based on the environment. Some of them are awarded in international film festivals. The corporation is doing a combination of mechanical engineers, not only by the love of the environment but also without any commercial purpose. Environmental protection will be automatically done by the children in their time, and the environment will be automatically protected from them. This does not require separate restriction this is a continuation of this work. The tight friendship with trees, leaves, flowers, birds, animals, rivers, streams and forests The nature of this question is his nature, which he believes in himself. In order to build nature with the nature in which we will get a year, and implement various activities of the people and their happiness. On the commuter journey, there are numerous organizations that come with numerous companions. So many environmental and environmental organizations have come together for environmental protection. Through the efforts of this initiative, environmental protection and awareness have started.

how to save environment

Earthquake events are in progress due to geological movements. However, researchers found that earthquake on the moon due to similar developments. This conclusion is drawn from the analysis of photographs obtained by Chandrayaan-1. It is found that in the Earth’s lunar surface there is also a surface area of the lunar surface, their movements, and their interactions. Professor Soumitra Mukherjee, a professor of geology at the Department of Environmental Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, has done this research.

The horizontal movements of the Moon’s South Pole have been studied. The moon’s geology may contain some quantity of fluid and hence these movements also occur. Mukherjee said that the moon’s geo physic structure should be like the earth’s surface and its design should be like the Earth.

It is not possible to forecast earthquake timing. However, future earthquakes can certainly be predicted while studying the movements of the geological movements. He said that one step forward can be put forward to predict accurately.

Now a day trees are disappearing at the speed that no one would imagine. The best part to keep a healthy relationship with nature is to plant a tree. Planting trees will make nature and environment at the verge of 100 years ago. We can see that new construction and builders are planting trees between their construction premises. Government is also implementing huge projects for planting trees but need to be done more for awareness of projects. We can also help nature to keep green and safe for the benefits of our future generation. We can plant a tree in our garden and convince your friend circle, relatives, and neighbors for the same. We can create awareness, run online campaigns, provide advertisement, pamphlets, newspaper advertisements, TV-Radio Advertisements and many more.

If you are a fitness professional and are frequently visiting Gymnasiums, Health Clubs, Gardens, etc.  You can see that a lot of peoples are visiting for a morning walk in the mountains, gardens, hilltop area. The number is growing fast which is a good sign.


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